Lab 07 Collapsing Can – Atmospheric PressureDescription: Water is added to an empty soda-pop can and heated to boiling. The can is then quickly inverted into cold water which causes it to collapse.Concept: When water vapor inside the can is cooled it condenses, decreasing the pressure on the inside of the can. With the pressure on the outside of the can greater than that on the inside, the can will collapse.Materials:Aluminum can (100 % Al, no steel)   Empty soft drink can15 mL of water  (1/2 oz)Hot PlatePan full of cold waterTongsProcedure:Put a small amount of water into the can and heat on hot plate until you hear the water boiling. When water is boiling and water vapor escapes the can, quickly (AND CAREFULLY) invert the can using the tongs into the pan of cold water.Notes: A steel or partially steel can is more likely to suck water up instead of collapsing.Conclusion:Describe what happened to the can.Explain why this happened.

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