Plan, Design an Authentic Assessment tool Suitable for Nursing Students/ Nurses in Educational Context.

This assignment has been designed with the following principles in mind:
• Assessment should be used to engender learning as well as determine what has been learnt. • Adults are motivated to learn when they can see that the learning is useful and can be applied in context. • Assessment processes, where possible should enable students to benefit from the learning of others. • Assessment should be authentic. • Assessment processes, where possible should allow for choice and flexibility.
This assignment requires you to plan, design an authentic assessment tool suitable for nursing students/ nurses in educational context. You are required to:
• identify a group of learners and a learning program/course (100-150 words), although this will not receive a mark and not be counted in the word count it is required to set the scene for the other elements of the assignment.
• provide a list of students requirements (eg: are students required to bring special equipment, have prepared samples, bring books…)
• provide details of conditions under which students are to be assessed (eg: time, place, open book or closed book, formative or summative….)
• provide instructions to the examiner (written instructions to the examiner should include all details necessary to enable the assessment procedure/process to be conducted in a manner that ensures fairness to all students)
• provide criteria sheet or rubric used to determine grading ( you will need to include sufficient details, including instructions such that markers can be guided consistently in the determination of grades/marks….)
• develop an educational justification for the authentic assessment tool that you have developed. You will be required to use relevant and current literature to justify the authenticity of the tool as well as demonstrate with the use of examples how the tool enhances outcomes for students. (1200-1500 words).
Please Note: The Assessment instrument does not form part of the word limit for this assignment.

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