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Comment 1

The affordable care act, also known as Obama care was moved into place 8 years ago in March 2018. This was passed into law to help the United States citizens receive health care coverage at an affordable price. The main goal of the affordable care act was to have many more citizens covered by health care and meet their medical needs. One of the key points of the affordable care act was to allow easy access for the people to compare prices online, and know they were not going to be rejected for having pre-existing conditions.

Some of the key points of Obama care include: bringing down health care premiums, provides free preventative care, provides access to insurance for the uninsured Americans who suffer from pre-existing conditions, Extends coverage for young adults, prohibits from coverage rejection of children due to pre-existing conditions, improves care for older adults after being discharged from the hospital, and increases access to services at home and in the community.

The nurse’s roles is to educate their patients and ensure that they receive the appropriate care they require. Enforce the need for preventative measures and diagnostic testing. Also inform the patient’s about their bill of rights, such as they are entitled to have full knowledge about anything that involves their care to make an informed decision. For example, recommending and emphasizing the importance of having an annual A1C for a patient who is pre-diabetic.

Comment 2

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers numerous positive changes in the course of the reforms of health care. There are some crucial elements about the public and community health such as an ability to get preventative services like mammograms or colonoscopies without copays, secondary insurance or deductibles. Strengthens community health center through the allocation of new funding for the expansion as well as constructing community health centers. Insurance organizations may no longer rescind services if the health care claim is made or even deny coverage to under 19 years children with a pre-existing condition (Rawal, 2016). Now patients may appeal insurance organization decisions as well as the federal grants developed to assist the state set up independent offices which can assist the patients navigate the private health insurance system.

These programs help patients to appeal or file a complaint, get an education regarding their rights as well as responsibilities in individual or group health plans insurance policies as well as enroll in health coverage. The ACA also expands the insurance coverage which impacts how clinical services are offered in public health departments. For instance, the agencies of governmental public health providing clinical services can transfer some cases to private sectors like routine childhood vaccinations. The ACA increased health care providers payment in the rural communities as most of them are underserved since they find it challenging to attract as well as retain medical professionals. Public health service may reach many people through developing programs and services like maternal child health program, home visiting as well as making available specialized behavioral health services to the general population. In the healthcare industry, the ACA is the most significant as it covers every aspect of healthcare including women and children health, mental health, care for most needy people professionals in the country as well as care for seniors. ACA has mandated many important health benefits including; emergency services, maternity/newborn care, addiction treatment, rehabilitation services and devices, pediatric services, outpatient care, hospitalization, mental health services, prescription drugs and preventative services (Rawal, 2016).

Nurses have a role in implementing the ACA law. In the United State, American Academy of Nursing and other Nursing organization have supported the effort of health care system reforms strongly. Nurses are expected to be active in patient care and participating in forums where there is a debate for policy discussion and decision making. Nurses should be involved in health care reforms at the state-wide level, the community as well as individual level (D.R., 2017). Nurses need ACA information to enable them to educate their patients concerning ACA law provisions as well as explain the benefits of it so that they may access both health services as well as insurance coverage.

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