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August 19, 2020
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August 19, 2020

please help me finish a discussion include a response and a homework

discussion: Please read the Electra bike case at the end of chapter 3 in your textbook and then answer the discussion questions on the page(will be attached-case part 1 and 2). Please watch the Electra video below. Also write a response for a classmate(classmate’s work will be posted after you upload your work) (Links to an external site.)

Please research Electra and issues related to their industry and provide links to supplement/support your posts.

Homework: After reading Ch 5, please study the “Solve the Dilemma” Small Business Challenge at the end of the chapter.

Please help Jack and Bruce figure out some issues with starting their muffin and cookie business by answering the 3 discussion questions listed at the end of the case. (see attachment, and I will post some picture about this chapter here also. You must mention the content from chapter outline)

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