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HerbalismHerbalists are specialized CAM practitioners who accumulate extensive knowledge of botanical sources and their proper applications. Professional herbalists maintain a distinct status, undergoing rigorous training as apprentices and gaining immense experience in identifying and preparing organic treatments. Herbalism, as with any healing practice, must observe the impact of treatment on specialized groups.Based on the above statements, answer the following questions:How is the training of a professional herbalist similar to that of a Western physician?What are the differences between allopathic pharmacists and professional herbalists?Herbalism is sometimes cited as the precursor to modern pharmacy. Is this statement accurate? Justify.What is a potential danger of the lack of communication between herbalists and allopathic physicians concerning mutual patient safety?What caveats must exist when treating pregnant or breast-feeding women with herbal therapies?Parents may feel that herbal medicine is a safer remedy for their children. Is this supported by the herbalists and CAM practitioners?Why is herb use for the elderly a particularly important point of discussion for patients and practitioners?Have you ever experienced an allergy to a particular plant? How do such allergic reactions factor into herbal therapy practice?

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