please see below this assignment is discussion post 1

For this discussion post, reflect on the timelines of the social sciences provided. What event or perspective presented in these timelines is most interesting to you and why? How does this event or perspective change how we study individuals, groups, or cultures?

Please follow the discussion rubric for grading info.

Learning material:

Timeline: History of Psychology

Review the history of psychology timeline from the Annenberg Foundation. This is a lengthy resource, and you do not have to review every event, but skim through the timeline as a whole and think about the way technology and globalization might play a role in the developments listed. Think about how the discoveries you review might be important to you or others outside of the field of psychology. For example, cognitive psychology research has helped us understand how we remember and learn new information. Teachers and educators use information from cognitive psychology research to better understand how to present information to their students.

Access this timeline by clicking the link above.

Interactive Icon

Interactive: Five Perspectives in Psychology

Complete the Five Perspectives in Psychology interactive and quiz that provide a brief overview of the psychodynamic (1896), behaviorism (1913), neuroscience/biopsychology (1954), humanistic (1954), and cognitive (1956) perspectives in psychology. This is a non-graded activity.

Access this interactive by clicking the link above.

Captioned Video:

Five Perspectives in Psychology- Psychodynamic (1:26)

Five Perspectives in Psychology- Neuroscience (1:25)

Five Perspectives in Psychology- Humanistic (1:10)

Five Perspectives in Psychology- Cognitive (1:30)

Five Perspectives in Psychology- Behavioral (1:27)

Activity: Sociology and Anthropology Timeline

Review the Sociology and Anthropology Timeline, which highlights key discoveries and perspectives in studying others throughout history.

Resource Icon

PDF: Discovering Sociology

This eight-page excerpt describes the origin of sociological study, major figures in its history, and the changing social climate.

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