please write this proposal follow my discussion and requirement

I wrote a discussion for proposal, I need a proposal for it. You can check the attchement and major document 4 is what I need

discussion: For both of proposal and report, I am interested in Workplace Etiquette. I decide to narrow it by Telephone Etiquette. Looking back at the era before technology, communication was not effective since there were no faster means of relaying information. Today’s world is a global society where information can reach many individuals instantly. Channels which we can use to communicate faster and effectively include instant messaging, Emails, cell phones, and websites. Although many organizations prefer the use of instant messaging and Emails to communicate, cell phones can be the easiest mode of communication for instant feedback. I plan to focus my proposal and report on the etiquette of how to answer, what to do during, and how to end a business call. I will also be discussing the dos and don’ts of cell phone etiquette. So, my proposal and report would give some good suggestions for audience and help them to work better during different situation(by Telephone).

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