Population Biology and Ecological Footprint

Laboratory 2: Population Biology and Ecological Footprint
This week you will complete two laboratory exercises and combine
the assignments in one Word document to submit to your instructor
through this assignment link. This assignment should
not be emailed to your instructor.

Complete the Population Biology Lab found at:
This lab gives you the opportunity to explore the affects of
competition on population growth. (You will need to cut and paste
the journal questions and responses from the journal pop-up box
into a Word document so that you can submit the assignment to
the dropbox.) Do NOT email the journal
questions to your instructor through the website
Calculate your personal Ecological Footprint atCarbon
Footprint Calculator – What’s My Carbon Footprint? Save your
results as a Word document.
When you have finished the Population Biology journal
questions and calculated your Ecological Footprint, submit
them in one Word document to your instructor through the

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