Portfolio Task and Guidance

Portfolio Task and Guidance
APPENDIX D: IE400 International Event Dynamics
Assessment 2: Individual Portfolio Tasks and Guidance
The portfolio tasks are designed to help you develop an understanding of the event industry and to help you develop your academic skills in collecting information, reading, analysing, evaluating a wide range of material from both academic and industry sources.
Of these:
• At least 10 must be academic texts or journal articles
• There must be at least 3 references from industry periodicals
• There must be at least 2 references from Keynote market reports
• There must be at least 3 references from quality newspapers
• There must be at least 1 reference from a relevant industry association
• There must be at least 1 references from company / industry websites
You are required to complete each task as specified below and include all tasks in your final portfolio. For each task you will be required to submit evidence of your research.
Task 1. Critical Analysis of specified reading (suggested word count approx. 800)
Drawing on the academic literature, discuss the following book chapter, Ferdinand, N. and Wesner, S. (2012) ‘The International Events Environment’ in Ferdinand, N and Kitchen, P.J. (eds) Events Management: An International Approach, London: Sage Publications Ltd, pp.23-47
with particular reference to one event of your choice
An excellent response to this task will:
1/ Provide a clear introduction, discussion and conclusion
2/ Briefly summarize the key arguments and issues presented
3/ Use an appropriate event example to demonstrate your understanding of the key ideas discussed and how these influence the International event industry
3/ Be supported with reference to academic and industry sources.
4/ Acknowledge sources correctly in the Harvard style.
Task 2. Event analysis (suggested word count approx. 800)
Drawing on the academic literature, provide an analysis of a planned international event. Your analysis should include the following;
1. An overview of the history and development of the event
2. Your views, (supported with reference to relevant academic material) on the classification of event according to the classifications identified by event academics
3. An overview of the legal and regulatory issues, key competitors and risks associated with the event
4. Identify the key stakeholders, their role and significance in the event
5. An overview of the current trends and issues relating to the event
You will need to support your event analysis with reference to a wide range of appropriate academic and industry sources
Task 3. Bibliography (not included in the word count)
Present your sources of information in a bibliography, correctly presented in the Harvard style.
Task 4. Statement of Learning (suggested word count approx. 400)
You are required to include a statement of learning, which summarizes and reflects on your learning from the lectures and workshops and associated independent readings and tasks.
You may find answering the following questions helpful in developing your final portfolio statement of learning
1. Which elements of the task / reading did you find easy? e.g. ‘finding the relevant information’.
2. Which elements of the task / reading did you have difficultly with? e.g. ‘deciding which information to include and which to discard’.
3. What knowledge / skills have you gained from this module and how does this help you to achieve the learning outcomes?
e.g. ‘my understanding of referencing and how to present a bibliography, helps me to identify the sources of information I have used and to demonstrate extent to which the material is supported by research’.
e.g. ‘The task has helped me to understand the various typologies and classifications of events and gain an understanding of how the development, scope, organisational structures and sectors of the international event industry.
4. In what ways have the lectures, workshops and readings helped you to complete the portfolio tasks and develop your understanding of the event industry?
You are expected to draw upon a wide range of sources including academic texts, journal articles, conference papers, industry publications, market intelligence reports, company annual reports, appropriate newspaper / industry press articles, websites, promotional material, industry associations and forums. You may choose to include visual materials (images, graphs, tables) but you will need to interpret the images and explain their relevance and annotate the visual material used.
• All work must be word-processed and text must be double spaced
• Your work needs to have a clear, logical and coherent structure and you should include a contents page, title page introduction and conclusion.
• You will need to carefully select the information you include for each task and think about the most effective style and method of presenting the work. E.g. you may decide to present industry statistics in a table or graph.
• Any images, charts, figures, tables etc that you decide to include must be appropriately titled and referenced. Marks will be awarded / deducted for quality of presentation.

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