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Coalitions consist of different organizations and individuals that share a common goal. Coalitions can be used to evoke change in the community and solve public health problems. In order to accomplish these goals, a coalition needs successful and effective leadership (Wendl & Cramer, 2018). Initiating and sustaining a coalition involves effective leadership, membership, resources, and serendipity. Without leadership, coalitions would cease to exist (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw, & O’Grady, 2016). Leaders of a coalition need to have a high skill level in order to evaluate, initiate, and lead a coalition properly. Effective leaders within a coalition need to work well with others and be able to collaborate with individuals, organizations, and the community. Leaders also need to review the administrative structure of their coalition to assess for strengths and weaknesses. To effectively lead a coalition, a leader needs to have vision, a clear direction, be able to communicate effectively, and be accessible to other members of the coalition (Wendl & Cramer, 2018). Leaders can be inspirational or organizational. Inspirational leaders use personal strengths and constructive criticism to positively influence others. They motivate their members by encouraging them to have new ideas and solve problems. Organizational leaders are time and task-oriented, manage meetings, and monitor assignments. Both types of leaders are needed to lead a coalition (Mason et al., 2016). Effective, strong, and collaborative leadership is necessary to successfully lead a coalition and accomplish its goals (Wendl & Cramer, 2018).

I believe the elements necessary for effective leadership within a coalition are also applicable to my professional practice as a registered nurse. As a nurse, you act as a leader of your patient’s care. Just like the leader of a coalition, you need to have a high skill level set in order to effectively evaluate and lead your patient’s plan of care. Nurses are constantly evaluating their patients and the circumstances surrounding their care. Just like the leader of a coalition, nurses need to work well with others and collaborate with individuals and organizations. Nurses need to work well and collaborate with patients, family members, physicians, nurse assistants, administration, and many other people involved in the care of their patients. Nurses can also possess traits of both an inspirational leader and/or an organizational leader. Nurses can motivate their patients to better their health, motivate other nurses to further their education, effectively manage time by scheduling patient-related tests or meetings, and monitor the progress of their patients. All of these elements are seen in both organizational and inspirational leaders.

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The elements needed to create and preserve an effective coalition are leadership, membership, resources, and serendipity, which is the ability to grasp the moment. The most important element is leadership. Coalitions cannot succeed without excellent leadership. Coalition leaders can be inspirational or organizational. An inspiring leader will use his or her personal strengths to motivate and assist coalition members to make decisions. This leader will encourage others to solve problems, take risks, and bring new ideas to the table. An organizational leader will follow up with members in between meetings to keep the agenda moving forward and ensure communication among the members. Often, both types of leaders are desired to serve the coalition but sometimes one person can serve in both roles (Bowers-Lanier, 2016).

The elements for effective leadership in a coalition are applicable to both my personal and professional life. In nursing, whether one is a formal or informal leader, staff will look towards and follow someone who motivates and inspires them. A person with passion, integrity, and kindness can inspire a team to meet organization goals. Nursing is hard work and teams need that person to look up to and trust. Strong leadership that can keep front-line staff engaged can benefit any organization by creating a culture that recruits and maintains staff (Bradley et al., 2018). In my personal life, I would like to think I am successful as a leader in both roles. My young adult children see me working, going to school, and still managing my home. I hope to be inspiring and motivating them to follow their own dreams, to do more, learn more, and be more. That being said, it also takes good communication skills and every now and then, conflict management skill. It all takes patience, commitment, and empathy. I believe that a key strategy for success, as a leader at home or at work, is that everyone is on board with the goals.

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