Post your thorough and complete answers to any two of the following scenarios:

FAA Enforcement Scenarios

Post your thorough and complete answers to any two of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

You are a piloting a light general aviation aircraft solo within the U.S. on a non-commercial cross-country flight under visual flight rules (VFR). You have not filed a flight plan, but nearing your destination in a metropolitan area, you call Center, identifying your aircraft, position, altitude, and destination (an uncontrolled field) and request flight following to your destination airport. Center assigns you a transponder code and instructs you to “squawk ident.” Moments later, the controller confirms radar contact, advises you that it has been reported that you may have entered restricted airspace, and gives you a phone number to call when you get on the ground.

• a. What will you reply and why?

• b. What do you intend to do on arrival and why?

Scenario 2

You have just landed and are tying down the aircraft at a U.S. airport when a person approaches you and asks if you’re the pilot of that aircraft.

• a. What will you reply and why?

• b. What will you do and why?

Scenario 3

You are an aircraft mechanic holding airframe & powerplant (A&P) ratings and inspection authorization (IA). You’ve worked on a lot of aircraft. After working the graveyard shift at a U.S. aircraft repair facility, you went home and fell sound asleep, only to be awakened by a telephone call from a person who identified himself as an FAA inspector and asked: “Did you sign off an annual inspection on Bellanca N8790V and approve it for return to service?”< /p>

• a. What will you reply and why?

• b. What else will you do and why?

Scenario 4

You receive a letter from an FAA inspector stating that the agency is investigating a report of a specific event that occurred twelve days ago. The letter describes what the FAA believes was your involvement in the event that may have been in violation of some FARs. The letter invites your written response. You were there on the date they mention and were exercising the privileges of your certificate, but feel strongly that they’ve got the rest of their facts all wrong.

• a. Are you required to respond to the letter?

• b. What will you do and why?

Scenario 5

For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

• Identify the government entity that issues and enforces civil aviation regulations.

• Describe the process of investigation and accusation of reported violations of those regulations.

• List the possible penalties for violation of those regulations.

• Describe the hearing and appeal process available to persons and businesses accused of violations of those regulations.

• Identify any program(s) that may provide violators immunity from punishment or reduced sanctions for those violations (similar to the U.S. remedial training, ASRP, ACRCP, ASAP, ATSAP or T-SAP programs described in the text).

• Provide hyperlinks to your references

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