Postpartum Depression Screening

Exploring the Evidence
Scholarly Project [Part I: Introduction]
Proposal Rubric Spring 2016

My Topic is Postpartum Depression Screening

Please tailor this to the primary care setting. I’m graduating with my DNP.

A good place for you to look is at the USPSTF guidelines for Postpartum

depression screening. Also take a look at what ACOG, AWHONN and the

AAP recommend.

Writer, please cover all these.

Introduction, Background, Significance, Clinical Problem Statement, and Purpose/Aims.

Directions: The paper will be graded using this rubric. Papers must follow the guidelines identified in the APA 6th edition. Each submitted paper must have a title page (page 1), abstract (page 2), running header, page numbers, appropriate levels of heading (see pg 62 APA 6thedition), Arial or Times New Roman 11 or 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spacing, and a reference page.

Emphasis is placed on the writing style, use of correct grammar, sentence structure, organizational flow, synthesis and use of primary and secondary levels of evidence.
Possible Points
Points Earned

The topic of interest should have application to the clinical arena i.e. primary care, acute care, public health, clinical nurse leader or clinical services administration. The background describes how the clinical problem was identified and uses statistics to substantiate the clinical problem. The background section should include statistics on mortality, morbidity, disability, epidemic status, and the economic/social burden.

The significance addresses the “so what” or “who cares” of the clinical problem. Why is it important to address the clinical problem? In this section identify standards, clinical guidelines, policies; laws/statutes that may exist that underlie the clinical problem. How does this fit within the national healthcare agenda? Healthy People 2020, AHRQ, Building Bright Futures are key federal documents that may be important to support significance of the clinical problem.
Clinical Problem Statement

Clearly identify the problem in two -three sentences.

Succinct statement with the type of scholarly project identified (per MSN /DNP Scholarly Project Guidelines). Clearly state the purpose and aims of the project separate from the problem statement. Include population, setting, concept/variables of interest and anticipated outcome.
Writing and Crediting Sources

APA Format
Clarity of writing (sentence structure, paragraph transition, grammar, logical flow of ideas)
Begin Development of Abstract (page 2 following title page)
Faculty/Student Meeting on Proposal

Student has prepared for meeting with questions and comments on graded Part I Proposal. Student schedules with faculty and on time for meeting.

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