POWERPOINT can this be done by Monday 3/14/22

legislators & governmentConclusion1. Show insight and comprehensive solutions/conclusions regarding your chosentopicReferencesRemember to:1. Include at least 4-5 research articles (Use WCU Online Library)2. References need to be within the last 5 years3. Do not include:  blogs, chats, other universities, Wikipedia4. Follow APA styleDirections for Submitting your Powerpoint1. Open your PPT and go to “file” in top left corner.2. Click “print” option. Make sure “print all slides” and “print slides with notes” isselected.3. Go to “Save As” on the left hand side and be sure you save as a PDF.4. Under your save as selection, click “more options”. Select the “Options” button andclick the “Publish What” pull-down and then select “Notes Pages.” (If you click slides itwill not show the speaker notes)5. Click “OK.”6. Complete your selection process by checking “Open file after publishing” andselecting the “Optimize for: ‘Standard’ and ‘Minimum Size’” choices.7. Click on “Save” next to the “Tools” button at the bottom of the box

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