pragmatically and pluralistically

Essay 2
April 21, 2020
Moral Analysis Essay
April 24, 2020

pragmatically and pluralistically

The benefits of thinking pragmatically and pluralistically about ethical issues can help people who have conflicting moral values resolve them. When people acknowledge that their values are more aligned than separated, they tend to give the opposing view more consideration which can transform the problem in a helpful way. 

Sometimes when you make a genuine attempt to understand the other side of an issue, while not abandoning one’s own principles, you can work through the impasses of certain moral conflicts.

  • Consider for a moment what someone who believes in ethical pragmatism and/or ethical pluralism might say about abortion. What are some of the moral principles, values, and other moral issues that cause conflict in the abortion debate?
  • Discuss how a pluralist and/or pragmatist would most likely respond to these conflicting values?
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