Problem Solving presentation

Problem Solving presentation
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Higher Global is an international company with branches on multiple continents. Employees who work in the corporate center, located in the United States, are constantly sent to other countries. All employees must participate in a training session that covers how to do business in other countries. The Human Resources department conducts a symposium every month to train employees on this topic. Your class is the training team that develops the symposium.
Select a country as a topic for your Problem-Solving Presentation.
Outline your speech, using an effective organizational format.
Create a 15- to 20-minute presentation, based on your outline, in which your Learning Team explains its findings and recommendations on how to do business in that country. Follow the reflective-thinking decision-making method explained in Ch. 19 of The Art of Public Speaking when preparing your presentation.
Use an effective organization, and include an introduction and conclusion. Determine the best supporting materials and visuals to use.
The following points must be covered:
Overview of the culture: Is the culture formal or informal? How does the culture view punctuality?
Identification of verbal and nonverbal communication differences
Explanation of cultural business norms found in the country, including greetings, meetings, dress, and gifts
Submit the outline of your speech along with the speech recording.
Include a minimum of three scholarly references formatted consistent with APA guidelines on your outline.

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