Professional Behavior in clinical practice: Legal and Ethical behaviors

This is a paper about unethical/legal issues in the clinical setting. Begin the paper with a reflective statement describing the importance of learning about the legal and ethical components of the nursing profession. Remember these are 2 distinct concepts: Legal (law) and Ethical (what’s right and wrong) so be sure to address both aspects. Identify a legal or ethical situation that you have encountered in the clinical setting as a student nurse. Such as nurses, talking about a patient that they are annoyed with and the family is standing near the nurse’s desk. How did your own personal values and beliefs impact your response to this situation? Maintain patient confidentiality in your paper, do not use facility name, actual names. Research the issue utilizing professional resources. In the paper identify what the legal standard of care is related to this issue. If this is an ethical dilemma, identify both sides of the issue. If it is a legal issue, what does the law state or what does the nursing profession view as appropriate in this situation, give background information, and support your findings with citations and appropriate references. Look at the issue that you experienced as related to the research that you did and evaluate how the situation could have been avoided, prevented, or resolved. Discuss the impact this situation had on the patient, family, and or staff address this based upon your individual case.

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