professional nursing-bsn

professional nursing-bsn
• Identify a nursing theory: include the theorist’s definition/explanation of nursing
• Explain the key propositions and concepts of the theory you have chosen
• Discuss why you chose this particular nursing theory
• Describe how you use or would use the chosen nursing theory in your practice
• Development: Paper reflects good writing mechanics, correct APA format and citations/references (APA format)
• Include title and reference pages
• Paper length: 4-7 pages-including title and reference pages. Which teh body of your paper is at least 5 pages.
• Must have at least 5 references. References can not be older than 5 years.
Review attached grading rubric for more details on how this paper will be graded. Paper must be written in Microsoft Word and attached as a Microsoft Word document.
Reminder: Students must also upload their papers at the Turnitin site to receive originality report. Percent must be 21% or less. Feel free to use the draft before submitting final paper

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