Paper details:
To complete this assessment you must spend a total of 80 hours developing and researching information, which may include interviewing, to write an essay that can be submitted in lieu of the required Professional Practice Experience hours. You will be required to track the hours spent researching and completing the essay and provide a copy of those hours when you submit your assessment.
For this assessment, you will write an essay on a topic of your choice that is related to your current work place and health informatics. The essay should provide detailed explanation of the content of your topic. Your essay should be used to reflect your expertise in a specific area and demonstrate your knowledge of the work you perform as a higher-level manager. This assessment will allow you to showcase your expertise in management skills related to health informatics/information management in an organization. Your work for this assessment will show your knowledge and ability to apply leadership skills in your organization.
Note: This assessment requires you to document 80 hours of work in creating your essay, including research, interviews, and writing your essay. The 80 hour requirement for this assessment is in lieu of the required 80 hours of the Professional Practice Experience.
Write an essay based on your work experience and research related to the chosen topic (suggested length 25–30 pages) in which you do the following:
A. Discuss how a topic of your choosing is related to your current workplace and health informatics and information management.
1. Analyze how the selected topic’s operational components are linked to regulatory agency requirements or quality improvement initiatives.
a. Discuss how the manager or supervisor verifies adherence to regulatory requirements or quality improvement initiatives.
2. Discuss at least two metrics the manager or supervisor has created to determine that the selected topic is improving quality within the organization.
3. Discuss how a specific group or population (i.e., patients, staff, or community) is affected by the quality improvement.
B. Analyze how the selected topic is managed and coordinated to support current organizational needs or goals by doing the following:
1. Discuss the function or functional area of the selected topic as it relates to the larger organization.
2. Discuss the responsibilities of the managers or supervisors who oversee the application of the selected topic.
3. Discuss how the selected topic supports the management of health data or information in either paper or electronic form.
4. Discuss how the selected topic supports the organization’s strategic plans (e.g., strategic plan document, balanced scorecard, other longitudinal planning document) or future initiatives.
C. Discuss the leadership skills needed to support management and coordination of the selected topic.
1. Describe the specific credentials and skill sets needed by managers or supervisors of the selected topic.
2. Discuss at least one ethical issue that may arise when managing or supervising the selected topic.
3. Discuss how an effective leader works with at least one other organizational leader to advance the organization’s strategic plans as related to the selected topic.
D. Include at least three relevant sources to support your discussions.
E. Submit a completed copy of the attached “PPE Performance Assessment Time Log” documenting at least 80 hours of work on the assessment.
F. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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