Psychology – Developmental Psychology

Psychology – Developmental Psychology
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The report should be no longer than 2000 words overall. Abstract – Include an abstract (approx 150 words) that states the central issues. What you did and what you
found and what conclusions you can draw from the findings. Obviously, you will need to write very concisely to fit this all in. (the requirements for this was
interview a child, i will provide the interview details sheet, please note i had to use Method 1 for my interview technics) . Introduction – Here you need to provide a
rationale for the study. You need to (briefly) describe the research domain and discuss prior research that provides a basis for your expectations (research questions)
and for the methodology we have used. You should end up with one research question relating to age, and one research question relating to methodology. Method and
Results – This has been supplied for you. Discussion – Here you need to start by describing the relationship between your expectations (research questions) and the
findings, and between the findings and prior research before going on to consider how the findings can be interpreted and whether any implications can be drawn from
them. Do link your findings back to previous research and theory before going on to talk results. Is there any evidence on this? References – A minimum of three
references in addition to the two that we have supplied you with are required (A text book is not a reference). Evidence that you have done further, relevant, reading
is compulsory. Please make sure that APA style correctly, both for reference list and citations in the text. (The two references provided for this assignment are –
(1st reference) Children’s representations of the earth: A methodological comparison (pages 353 – 372) by Georgia Panagiotaki, Gavin Nobes and Robin Banerjee. (2nd
Reference) Mental Models of the earth: A study of Conceptual Change in Childhood (1992) (pages 535 – 585) by Stella Vosniadou and William F Brewer. An additional three
are required please. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks.

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