Psychology Disorders therapist

For each scenario, classify the appropriate disorder, if any, and state your rationale for your diagnosis.

Maurice is very quiet and introverted. He is painfully shy in the presence of other people and has dropped many courses at college simply because they involved oral presentations. He can’t get a job because he is intensely afraid and anxious about being interviewed.

Social phobias
Butch has a chronic disorder involving frequent mood swings, moving between feeling on top of the world and extremely sad. He is perceived as being very moody, unpredictable and inconsistent.

cyclothymic disorder

Bruce has an all-consuming sense that the government is out to get him. His thinking is often scattered and he is prone hearing voices of people who are not present.

Seventeen year old Brad has a shaved head, and he has rings in his nose, ears and navel. Shortly after purchasing a new pair of jeans, he cut and tore horizontal slits across the thigh and knee areas of each leg.

Karlson recently survived an airplane crash. Although he escaped from the burning plane with very few injuries, three of his friends were killed in the crash. Karlson experiences anxiety provoking flashbacks and dreams of the event. To help him deal with the experience, he is avoiding as many situations as possible that could cue memories of the crash.

Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder
For each scenario, identify the type of therapy or technique used, and state your rationale for your choice.

Diseree told her therapist, “I feel so inadequate and useless, and I can’t seem to cope with even the smallest things in my life. What should I do?” Her therapist answered, “You are feeling very helpless about things in your life, and sometimes you feel unable to cope. Can you think where these feelings come from?”

In an attempt to help her patient overcome his deep fear of traveling by sea, Dr. Bowman asks him to start by sharing all of the thoughts that come to his mind. She will then use this information to detect patterns associated with her patient’s anxiety.
Ursula is having a very difficult time with her daily activities because of chronic anxiety. Part of her treatment is to practice meditation in an attempt to better control her stress and regain the ability to function in her everyday life.

Judd’s therapist is hoping to treat his depression by getting him to recognize his self-defeating cognitions. The therapist does this by working with Judd to recognize and challenge his problematic automatic thoughts.

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