Psychology in the Media

Psychology in the Media
watch/re-watch one of the following clips:
1. Andrea Yates: Postpartum Depression
2. Virginia Tech Massacre:
3. Jeffrey Dahmer :
After watching one of the clips please answer the following questions
1. Briefly summarize the video
2. What do you think were the causes of the individual’s actions? Relate this to a current perspective in psychology as outlined in chapter 1.
3. How should society determine whether disturbed persons who commit crimes should be punished or provided therapy?
Do not include any direct quotes in your assignment. Consult at least two sources; only one source can be your text-book. Examples of online sources that do not qualify as an acceptable source are:, Yahoo Answers, or any source that does not cite its sources. Citing Wikipedia alone is not sufficient; you can only cite the sources Wikipedia has used. In short, online sources should only be cited if the information is published elsewhere (the website must host the information that is available in print).
Please use APA style (Google “APA Owl Purdue”) in the formatting of your references at the end of the paper and also while citing the references within your text. More information about APA style can be found at: and also the OSU Writing Center Alternatively, you can refer to the Grammar and APA Format PowerPoint’s on D2L; however, more details are contained on APA OWL PURDUE.
Length: 750 words minimum, 1200 words maximum.
Grading Below
Due Date: by midnight
soft copy via Drop Box.
Grading: 40 points total
25 point for content
• 5 points: Video summary
• 5 points: Description of Individual’s actions
• 5 points: Punishment vs Therapy
• 10 point: overall writing style and effectiveness
15 points for mechanics
• 5 points: grammar/ punctuation
• 4 points: spelling
• 3 points: APA in text style
• 3 points: work cited page

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