Psychology statistics

The following is a dataset collected for a restaurant that is curious about improving customer satisfaction. Several meaningful measures thought to predict satisfaction were collected and given to you to analyze.

1. Use the information in the dataset to provide a table of descriptive information (i.e., mean, median, standard deviation) about the study and briefly describe the information. (15points)

2. Customer 182 is a food critic. The restaurant owner wants to know what categories the critic most likes compared to regular customers. Compute z scores for the following constructs for customer 182 (15points):

a. Compare these scores to see which three measures were rated the highest. Be sure to place them in order of strength (i.e., 1st highest, 2nd highest, 3rd highest).

3. Find the effect size of the following constructs (same as above; 15points):

a. Discuss the effect size found for the highest and lowest construct and the significance of the obtained scores.

4. Conduct a correlation of all predictor variables and place the information in a table. Describe the relationships between the most highly correlated variable dyads (i.e., two at a time with high correlations) and discuss what this means for our data. (20points)

5. Finally, the restauranteur wants to know which variables are the most important to her restaurant. Based on the information you have collected thus far, conduct a regression analysis of the top three variables (based on problems 2, 3, and 4) to predict overall satisfaction (i.e., the dependent variable) and explain how much of the variance can be attributed to our model. (35points)

a. Explain how impactful each variable is in predicting overall satisfaction.

b. Provide a graph of the regression analysis displaying the relationship discovered.

c. Provide general advice to the restauranteur on which variables should be most invested in to ensure customers are satisfied.

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