Psychology Study

You have to select a psychology-related study that is presented in a popular (i.e., non-scientific) media source (e.g., newspaper, magazine, Yahoo, etc.). Then read the corresponding original research report that appeared in a scientific journal. In your paper, first describe the study that you have chosen and explain what was done and why. Relate the study you chose to the concepts we have gone over in this course. For example, in describing the study, tell us if it is an experiment, a correlational study, an observational study, etc. What were the independent and dependent variables? Was a between- or within-subjects design used? Were the appropriate control groups included, etc, etc.? Show me that you have mastered the important research concepts that we have covered in this course. Then, compare the popular and scientific presentations of the research. Evaluate the claims made in the popular article and determine whether they are justified or not based on what you have learned by reading the scientific article (e.g., did the popular account overgeneralize or oversimplify?). Describe any inconsistencies in the descriptions of the research or in the conclusions drawn.

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