Public Health Nursing Course Modules

Question 1:

Based on what you observed in the film or read in the book; clearly articulate and delineate at least three of the sociopolitical factors that influenced public health policy development for HIV/AIDS prevention and control in the United States. Then discuss separately each of the three sociopolitical factors. [each factor and discussion is equal to three points]

Question 2:
How were early victims and contacts identified and located?

Question 3:

Describe how the events in the video/book compare with the steps in the epidemiological process as stated in your textbook. Clearly articulate and delineate your selected epidemiological model. Compare the events in the video/book with the steps in the epidemiological model using notations from the video/book, the textbook and references from nursing or any other discipline.

Question 4:
What was your overall reaction after viewing this film/reading this book with respect to the impact on the health care system in the United States? Cite at least one impact related to your reaction to video/book content will have on your nursing practice. Use one nursing journal citation to support the nursing practice

Supporting citations/References. References in the appropriate APA format. Use the editing feature of canvas to format citations in APA format
Spelling, Grammar, etc.
Submitted by due date in the message box of the designated Assignment drop box.
No attachments accepted!!

Final Exam
Final Exam
Criteria Ratings Pts
Three separate paragraphs clearly articulating and delineating 3 sociopolitical factors

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