public speaking 7.2

Assignment 7.2: Using an Outline Template

This assignment supports the following lesson objective:

  • 4.6 Prepare detailed and well-planned outlines

Assignment Overview
This writing assignment provides you with practice creating an outline based on a template. The template helps guide you in creating an effective outline that adheres to proven guidelines.


  • A document (12-point font) written in a word processor, such as MS Word. This document will include an outline you create based on one of the outline templates from the MySpeechLab website.

Assignment Details
In this activity, you will select an outline template that matches an organizational pattern for a speech topic. You will use the template to create a full-sentence, preparation outline.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review the information presented in the lesson that discusses creating outlines.
In particular, study the section that describes full-sentence, preparation outlines, their elements, and how to create them.

Step 2: Open the documents from Lesson 4.
Open the documents you created for the Lesson 4 assignments, in which you selected a speech topic, wrote a thesis statement, identified a question based on the thesis statement, and identified at least three main points.

Step 3: Select a Pattern of Organization.
Based on your knowledge of patterns of organizing speech information, select a pattern of organization to use to create an outline for your speech.

Step 4: Locate and open the template outline that matches the speech pattern that you chose.
To locate the template outlines available on the MySpeechLab website:Open your web browser and navigate to (Links to an external site.).
Scroll through the list of template outlines to locate the one you wish to use.
Copy the template outline, and paste it into your word processing document for Assignment 7.2.Step 5: Enter the Identifying Data from the Lesson 4 documents for your speech:Title
General Purpose
Specific Purpose
ThesisStep 6: Using the template, create a full-sentence, formal outline for your speech.
Follow the guidelines presented in the lesson for using a consistent set of symbols, using full declarative sentences, and entering transitions within square brackets.

Step 7: Create a reference list.
Include any and all sources you use to locate information for your formal outline.

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