q amp a and crow s foot e r diagrams

Please include the questions with your answers. Answer in complete sentences where applicable.

  1. Give an example of a data constraint and an example of a business rule. Be sure to label which is which so I can tell you know the difference.
  2. Explain the difference between an entity class and an entity instance, and give an example other than those used in the text or the lectures.
  3. Define the term “weak entity” and give an example other than those used in the text.
  4. Define supertype, subtype and discriminator.
  5. Explain the difference between and inclusive subtype relationship and an exclusive subtype relationship.
  6. Using Microsoft Visio (available through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools) draw an IE Crow’s Foot E-R diagram for the entities DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE. A DEPARTMENT may have more than one EMPLOYEE, but an EMPLOYEE is only assigned to one DEPARTMENT. Assume that a DEPARTMENT does not need to have an EMPLOYEE, but that every EMPLOYEE is assigned to a DEPARTMENT. Include at least three appropriate identifiers and attributes for each entity.
  7. Explain the following crow’s foot E-R diagram. Be sure to include entities, keys, attributes, cardinality. What is the special type of entity represented by COMMISSION_RATE?
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