Q3 – Public meeting

Attend a public meeting, such as your local school board, city council, or campus council, or reflect upon a meeting you have attended in the past.

Using the principles and skills:
Before – Distribute agenda, review agenda with somebody else to ensure meeting will be productive and positive. Test technology prior to meeting to ensure it works.
Beginning – Arrive early, greet attendees by name
During – Start on time, don’t multitask, facilitate interaction, know when to end meeting.
End – Distribute meeting notes, post the notes, follow up

Evaluate the meeting using the five principles of leadership:
Were group members self-aware and aware of comments and actions of others?
How effectively did group members use verbal messages to make their points and organize their ideas?
Did nonverbal messages provide supportive and positive reinforcement of others’ comments? How effectively did group members listen and respond to messages?
What evidence did you find that group members appropriately adapted their message to others during the course of their conversations?

Your response must be at least 500 words in length.

If you have access to Beebe & Mottet 2016, then you may use that for citations.

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