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Assignment: Inventory

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In this Assignment, you will review a case and consider information from multiple sources, and apply criteria and standards to quality management. Can be any restaurant, but can be about supply chain issues, personnel, anything about what happens in a restaurant but needs to stay on topic and within parameters of the assignment.

1: Examine the impact of quality methodologies on organizations.

One of the main skills of quality management is to consider information from multiple sources and apply criteria and standards to this material appropriately.

Carefully consider at least three appropriate double-blind peer reviewed journal articles by searching the EBSCOhost database within the Library. Then consider the questions, as follows:


What issues of design and management, related to restaurant operations, would you focus on, as you advise a business owner? Describe each issue in detail and include if this is an aspect of design, management, or both areas of focus.


What constraints would you advise a business owner to consider? How do these constraints interact with efforts to ensure quality and performance excellence as a potential business owner’s selected strategy?

Quality Goals

What quality goals would you recommend to a business owner? Ensure you list each goal in a summary list, and then explain each goal in normal paragraph narrative format, following the list, to further explain your recommendation.

Ensure each topic is covered to appropriate breadth and depth demonstrating knowledge of the course concept.See attachment for specifics. Source for the Company to review can be any.

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