Quality of Background Research

Assessment: Literature Review:
Organizing and Resourcing the ICT Function
Assignment Size: 1500 words including references
Topic: Organizing and Resourcing the ICT Function
IS organizations come in all shapes and sizes. Each is built around processes that it performs or supports. However, all have elements in common to facilitate interaction with MIS professionals.
Examine material on ?how to write a literature review?
1. Writing a good literature is a little different from writing an essay. The following links provide discussions of the structure of literature reviews and the process of writing one. Please note that these links provide only a few examples that you can find about literature review. Please have some time to read these links and search for other links/sources (do not limit your reading on literature review to these ones only) about literature review.
2. Start to find and read articles in that area " Organizing and Resourcing the ICT Function" ; select good quality controlled sources such as peer reviewed academic journals (not social media sites, blogs, Wikipedia, or web sites!).
3. Identify a number of key papers in the area. You should include a minimum of 10 and probably no more than 20 good quality sources. Ideally, the papers selected will adopt differing or contrasting positions or approaches to the topic. You will need to acknowledge these articles using a formal referencing system, in APA style in the reference section of the review.
4. Write the literature that you using a maximum of 1500 words including the reference section.
Writing quality:
1. Presentation
A professional level of presentation is expected, assignments should be written in good English with correct spelling and grammar and with few typographic errors.
Ideas should be correctly attributed to the articles cited, and correct full references for all papers should be provided in APA style.
The overall review should have a clear structure and present a logical sequence of ideas.
2. Quality of Background Research
Evidence of the quality of the background research will be evaluated based on the quality and appropriateness of the materials cited in the reference section.
Material cited should come from recent, reputable sources, should cover a range of aspects of the topic and should present contrasting perspectives.
3. Quality of the Analysis, Critique and Evaluation
Credit will be given for the quality of the analysis of the review. A review should be more than a series of paragraphs that summarize papers, it should summarize the field, compare and contrast approaches and findings and provide an evaluation of the state of knowledge in the topic




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