Questions On SRI Funds, Corporate Social Responsibility, And Environmentalism.

1. Consider the list of industries in the link below in which SRI funds will not invest. Are there any on the list with which you would take issue? If you had to make an argument for the ethical premise of one of these industries (i.e. to have one of them taken off the list), which one would you pick and what would your argument be?

2. Consider the principle of profit maximization and the notion that businesses shouldn’t be obligated to do anything but make money. Do you think businesses have an obligation to help support society and the natural environment? Considering how poor businesses are at self-regulation (evidence of this is everywhere), should the government step in and require businesses by law to behave in certain ways (e.g. environmental and societal welfare laws)? Why or why not?

Must be at least 300 words in APA format.

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