Read the case study below then discuss your plan of nursing care for the client in essay format using the core principles of holism and person centered care.

Detail the ongoing nursing care interventions required to ensure Mr Jarvis’s needs are attended to and provide rationales under specific headings, e.g. hygiene needs. You will need to specify which component of the holistic model you are addressing with each care need. Hint: this could entail more than one holistic principle (Fig 1-4 page 13, Dempsey, Hillege, and Hill, 2015). You should address no less than 7 nursing considerations for this section.

For example:

Nursing care intervention: Mobilisation with assistance.
Assessment of general ease of movement and gait (body)
Mr Jarvis’s increased confidence with mobility and willingness to mobilise (mind)

Case study
Mr Thomas Jarvis, a 78 year old gentleman has made the decision to move into an aged care facility after being assessed by the Aged Care Assessment team (ACAT) following the recent death of his wife Matilda. Mr Jarvis has three adult children and five grandchildren.

Mr Jarvis is a longstanding asthmatic with a history of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and hypertension. Two months previous to taking up residence, Mr Jarvis had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) requiring hospitalisation and six weeks rehabilitation. Following the CVA, Mr Jarvis has experienced difficulty communicating due to dysphasia. Whilst there is no problem with Mr Jarvis’s comprehension, he becomes frustrated at times at his inability to communicate.

Mr Jarvis has a right sided hemiparesis and requires assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). Mr Jarvis has also indicated that he is constipated and has not had his bowels opened for the past two days.

Mr Jarvis mobilises using a 4 wheel walker and has recently sustained a 3cm long skin tear to his right leg. He is a non-smoker, non-drinker, wears prescription glasses for both reading and distance vision and suffers mild hearing loss.

As the student nurse you admit Mr Jarvis to the facility and gain the following objective data:

· Temperature: 36.80C

· Pulse: 80bpm

· Respirations: 22rpm at rest with increasing breathlessness upon mobilising

· BP: 145/85mmHg

· SpO2: 94% on room air

· Pain Assessment: Mr Jarvis indicates he has pain in his knees: 0/10 at rest, 4/10 on walking.

· Weight: 90kg

· Height: 175cm

· Urinalysis: SG 1015 PH 7 NAD

Part 2: Using the date ‘17th April, 2016’ complete the following documentation using data supplied. These documents will become the appendices in the assignment.

Q-adds chart
SOAP progress notes

Nursing Documentation – Use SOAP framework to record in progress notes from admission.

Draw your information to a close by summarising key points.

You will be required to reference your rationales, e.g. (Dempsey, Hillege, and Hill, 2015, p 945).
You will be required to use at least four references one of which would be your text and at least two peer reviewed journals.
Make sure all references are cited using APA format.

Attach the documentation/ charts here.

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