reflect on your experience working as a part of a team or organisation.

reflect on your experience working as a part of a team or organisation. Analyse and discuss an aspect of a team, explain what the issues are and suggest the ways in which the organisation might have worked more effectively.Explain and justify your
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(topic ) thinking and support it with the relevant literature.
I am studying Culture, Policy and Management MA. There are no restrictions on the references and the word count is 2700-3300.
Here are some notes that the teacher gave me.
Me: I would like to focus on the bad points (lack of experience, relationship within the group, the division of tasks etc.) and the good points ( focus on the goal, good result etc. ). .
Answer: I point out that you seem to have been able to identify goods and bads before any analysis was conducted (should it be the other way around, that analysis leads to findings and conclusions?). Depending on the framework of analysis that you use, you will find different issues
Me: Furthermore, in conclusion i would like to suggest the ways of improving the teamwork and the organisation of the festival.
Answer: As per the above, any recommendations need to be related to the issues identified and explained and the recommendation also supported by relevat theory/ies.
I think you need think about/reflect on the team situation and hypothesise or consider what analytical framework may be the most appropriate eg Belbin roles, Hackman, mental model or a combination of these.
I wrote a draft, because when i was applying for the program i listed that i have worked in the Ministry of Culture and participated in the organisation of a festival. I will attach the draft to my order

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