Religious toleration is the condition of accepting or permitting other’

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A. What do you think of religious toleration?
Explanation: “Religious toleration is the condition of accepting or permitting other’ religious beliefs and practices which disagree with one’s own.” (Wikipedia article)
In America, the Government guarantees that everybody has the right to worship God in the way that they choose; nobody has the right to force you to accept another religion. We can go to the church that we want, we can pray the way we want, and we can even decide not to worship any God.
What do you think about everyone respecting what other people want to do about their religion? Do you think there should be law about this? What should be done about religious persecution- when someone is not allowed to practice his/her religion when and where they want? Or should people just figure this out on their own without the government’s involvement?

please note this is an Christian University.

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