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“Strategic communication, in contrast to everyday public relations, concentrates on the core drivers, of organizational success” (Zerfass 2007). Having good communication is the key to leadership. When the communication is limited the organization will not fulfill the max goals. The motivation of the team in low. The entire team feel like they don’t matter. When people are happy you get a better quality of work and teamwork. They will take pride in their work and will want everyone else in. When communication is on the upward you have one team working together and accomplishing the goals at hand. Everyone with in the team knows there job and their skill level. Good communications also brings harmony. Leaders don’t have to worry about the employees they know everyone is in on the same page. During downward is the opposite. “When communication falters or fails, getting back in action is delayed until confusion, anger, frustration, or hurt , is resolved”(Chamberlain College of Nursing 2019). Poor communication effects everything from work, emotions and even performance. Job performances are low or people do not care about the final product if the line of communication line has been broken.

My Chief Nursing Officer is my direct supervisor. The most commonly kind of power that she uses is reward power, information power and expert power. While working for my hospital for 5 years starting out as a floor nurse. The CNO has seen my work and promotes with in when she can to build our team. She encourages her employees to grow and move up with in the company. That is how I ended up with the hospital educator job. She acknowledges the hard work, work ethics and positive attitudes and a team player. During staff meetings she includes things that corporate are changing so we hear first hand and not rumors. When we have an employee that leaves to try a different type of nursing they often want to come back do to our team work and leadership. The CNO also knows her employees are humans and have life outside f work. Family she believes is first as long as it is not a habit of calling in all the time. This keeps her employees happy and turnovers low. The company has good outcomes as well. The turn over rate is low costing them less money for training and advertising. The employees supports the company on new policies that are coming out.


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