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This was a fantastic article and really highlights the need for advocacy when one sees a problem and has a solution to fix it. Although it took several years to hit the ground and start running, in the end, there are now 28 Urban Search and Rescue Teams around the country. This very much resembles how the Team Rubicon organization was created. Following the Haitian earthquake on January 10, 2010, two Marines watched the slow relief efforts through traditional aid organizations. Jake Wood and William McNulty decided to act by deploying to Port-Au-Prince in the following days, bringing along a team of volunteers, first responders, medical professionals and supplies. This is the definition of the tenacity needed to believe in you mission and not stop until it is accomplished. Team Rubicon is now an international disaster response non profit that not only helps the victims of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, but also helps veterans find jobs, connect with other veterans and heal. Further, Team Rubicon keeps extensive records of its volunteers and hours worked so that they can help local, state and tribal governments in applying for federal grants in order to be better prepared for future disasters. The two Marines who advocated for helping the rural or overlooked populations now have a thriving non profit that aims to help all in need, no matter the location or financial level. Organizations like this prove that it is not just the federal government who needs to help in a disastrous situation, but local non profits, volunteers and other private sector organizations need to pitch in and help with recovery.

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