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Heredity is the genetic transmission from parent to their offspring. It is what we receive from our parents. When a child comes out with red hair, usually at least one of their parents has red hair as well. It is the reason why you may look at a child and see resemblance from their parents. For example, I look identical to my mom and a lot of people tend to think she’s my older sister. It doesn’t only stop with looks. We can also inherit genetic diseases from our parents. If you have a mother that has had breast cancer, you are automatically at a higher risk to be affected cancer as well. There are different types of inheritance such as dominant, recessive, incomplete dominance, co-dominant. According to, a dominant character is when one out of the two recipes is expressed, with one dominating over the other. For example, have a mom with blond hair and a father with black hair, if the child comes out with black hair, the father’s recipe was more dominant. Both recipes are in the same chromosomal set, but the mother’s blond trait was recessive, while the father’s black hair gene was dominant. Recessive simply means it was overtaken or not shown as much as the other trait. So a good way to remember how heredity works would be to look at your parents and try to notice what character traits you may resemble from them. Do you have the same eye color as your mom? Did you get the same looking nose as your father? Or maybe your dad has poor eye sight just like you. This is all because of our genetic transmission known as our heredity. We get both genes from our mother and our father. It is character traits passed on to us the offspring. This is such an important thing to know because we should all be aware in how our genetics works. It helps to understand why some people are the way they are. It has even been shown in the case of nature versus nurture, that some people’s personality can be formed simply because of their genetics. If you have a long line of drug abuse in your family, this can be transfered by heredity. The knowledge of genetics can be used not only just to know why you have brown hair, or why you have asthma just like your mom, but why some people may be a certain way.


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