SCMN 4390 – WINTER 2018


The intention of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge from this and other classes by analyzing an issue or issues being faced by a firm. Your report should include the following headings:

1. Problem (Issue) statement

2. Situation and (if applicable) Data analysis

3. Key Decision Criteria (including rationale for using them)

4. Alternatives and Alternatives Analysis

5. Recommendations

6. Action and Implementation Plan.

Problem Statement
State the problem/issue(s) in the case in a few sentences. Identify the decision maker and any issues that lead to the problem. This should only be a paragraph or two in length.

Situation Analysis
Provide an overview of the firm, the situation and the external environment. This may take the form of a SWOT analysis or another model for use to explore business situations. What you present in this section should be relevant to the case problem. For example, if there is an issue with a supplier, do not discuss the firm intending to diversify a product line unless that product line will be impacted by the supplier issue. Add financial and other data as necessary to clarify the issue being faced and its impact on the firm.

Key Decision Criteria
These should come from the case. Be sure to justify their inclusion as criteria.

Your alternatives should be clearly stated with enough detail that I understand what is being proposed. Please provide 2-3 alternatives.

Alternatives Analysis
The analysis may include both qualitative and quantitative assessments. Show me how you are making your decision. If there are costs to compare, do so. It should be clear to me how you determined what you are recommending.

Clearly state your recommendation. It should follow from your analysis and assessment of the alternatives presented.

Action and Implementation Plan
Give as much detail as you can. Do not make up details if you do not know them. I understand that some of you have limited business experience but you should be able to create at least a basic implementation plan with some realistic timelines.

Only include exhibits/appendices if absolutely necessary. Your report should readable without flipping back and forth between the report and additional documentation. Only use exhibits if you have charts, diagrams, etc. that are more than a page in length.

Report Format
Your report must be professionally presented. Additional requirements include:

Max Pages: 10, single-spaced (5 pages if printed double-sided)

Formatting: Times New Roman, 12pt font

Page Numbers: Yes

Title Page: Not required

Last Class: Thursday, April 12, 2018

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