Write a research paper on a selected nursing or health related topic (topics listed on next page).
The instructor will randomly assign a topic to students by the 2″^ class session. Once a topic is
assigned it may not be changed without written permission from the instructor.
2. The content of the paper is outlined below. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade. Disciplinary
actions will follow the procedure as outlined in the Prince George’s Community College Student
3. APA format is required in constructing this paper. Refer to the library web page or
Google Purdue Owl Writing Lab for proper APA notation.
4. Criteria: (Refer also to the attached scoring rubric for the nursing research paper).
Format: APA pages must be 8 V2″ x 11″, typed with 1″ margins on all sides. The paper
must be neatly typed, doubled-spaced, font in Times New Roman with font size
12 (11 font will be accepted). Staple final paper with only 1 staple, in the upper
left hand comer (no folders, no paperclips, no plastic cover, and no dog ears.)
Organized: Title page has running head on the top left header of paper and pages are
numbered in the top right header. The body of the paper should be a minimum of
four (4) typed pages and maximum of six (6) typed pages. This does not include
title page, outline, and reference list which are required. fMore than six (“61 pages
will not be readV See below for order of submission.
Content: Topic is well-developed and complete. Prepare an outline prior to writing the
paper. This outline will be included with the paper. The content of the paper must
thoroughly address the topic and include the professional practice of nursing, the
background, and a conclusion with a summary of the main ideas related to the
selected topic; if appropriate, include background information and/or a rationale
for your position. Verify grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation is
correct. References are to be correctly cited throughout the paper using APA
fonnat. There is to be no plagiarism.
References: Reference list using APA format with applicable citations. Appropriate selection
of at least four (4) professional references published within the last three-five
(3-5) years, unless cited as an historical reference. You may not use any
textbooks as part of the four (4) professional references. If you use a website,
be sure to cite the doi or uri address.
***Please submit your research paper in the following order:
? Title page
? Outline (not a table of contents and not an abstract)
? The body of the research paper (minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 6 pages)
? References
? Attach the Scoring Rubric for Research Paper, found on the next 2 pages.
Research Paper Rubric
Excellent Good Average Below Unsatisfactory Course
Average Outcomes
Gbntent Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points:!, 0 1,4
All content Most content Content Some content Content not
relevant to relevant to relevant to related to relevant to
professional professional professional professional professional
practice (ie: practice. practice, some practice, little practice, no
delegation, moderate depth depth depth
supervision or depth
and in depth
Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1, 0 1,4
Content Most content Some content Little content Major error in
accurate accurate relevant content
Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0 1,4
Sound Background Background Background Background not
background relevant to relevant to relevant to developed nor
developed from topic with topic with topic with little supported
concepts. moderate limited development
theories and development development
1,4 Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0
Current Current Relevant Little use of Limited to no
research research research research in use of research
synthesized and synthesized summarized paper in paper used to
integrated in and with some support ideas
paper moderately integration in
integrated in paper
1,4 Points: 5 Points: 4 Points; 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0
Effective Effective Adequate Fair Poor conclusion.
conclusion and conclusion conclusion and conclusion. no integration of
integration of with moderate good summary with little ideas
ideas in integration of of main ideas integration of
summary ideas in ideas
Writing Style Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0 1,4
and Format Sentence Good sentence Adequate Fair sentence Poor sentence
structure clear. structure and sentence structure and structure and
smooth transition, few structure and transition. transition.
transitions. (5) numerous (>10)
correct punctuation. some (<5) grammar. grammar. grammar. capitalization grammar. pimctuation. punctuation. punctuation and and spelling punctuation. capitalization capitalization capitalization. errors capitalization and spelling and spelling no spelling and spelling errors errors errors errors Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0 1,4 APA format APA format APA format Inconsistent APA format not throughout. throughout not followed use of APA followed, not 8″xl 1″, typed with minor consistently. format, typed. typed, margins with 1″ margin errors, 8″xl 1″, typed, margins margins incorrect. on all sides. typed with 1″ followed. followed. spacing and font double spaced. margin on all doubled-space. doubled-space. incorrect font is Times sides, double font incorrect. font incorrect. 16 Roman and font is size 12 spaced, font is Times Roman and font is size 12 some spacing incorrect some spacing incorrect References Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1, 0 14 References used appropriately in paper, references current, no errors in references, correct use of APA style for references References used appropriately in paper, references current, few errors in references, correct use of APA style for references References used appropriately in paper but limited, some citations or references current, with few errors in use of APA format style for references Several references and limited breadth, old references (not classic), several errors in use of APA style in references Few references and limited breadth, old references (not classic), multiple errors in use of APA style in references Outline Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0 5 Outline present, ideas well organized includes multiple perspectives and new approaches Outline present, organization of main points, several perspectives considered Outline present, organization of main points and ideas, some alternate perspectives considered Outline present, little organization of main points. Little alternate perspective considered Outline poorly organized, ideas not developed adequately in paper, discussion not thorough Professionalism Points: 5 Points: 4 Points: 3.5 Points: 2 Points: 1,0 1 5 Professional appearance of paper, all parts includes, length consistent with requirements Paper legible, few parts missing, length consistent with requirements Paper legible, some parts miss or too short/too long considering requirements Sections of paper illegible with missing parts or paper too short/ too long Unprofessional appearance, missing sections, paper too short/too long Research paper grade: points earned = % earned for paper x 17% of final grade = %. 17 TOPICS FOR RESEARCH PAPER 1. Advocate: The Role of the Nurse. Discuss the positives and negatives of patient advocacy. 2. How Can Miscommunication Among Health Care Members Harm the Patient? 3. Culturally Competent Care: Gender Variant Patients and their Needs 4. Does Simulation Improve Clinical Performance? If so, how? If not, Why? 5. How Does the Profession of Nursing Assist the Underserved Patient Population? (T^^CtrlttffaT’Diversity arrd”‘NlIf?1!?’?^’GM in the Workpl^^/ 7. Stop! How Does Body Language Affect the Nurse-Patient Relationship? 8. The Ethics of Euthanasia and Nursing. 9. Ethics, Genetics, and Nursing Practice. 10. The Ethics of Reproductive Technology Related to Nursing. 11. Transgender and Gender Variant Individuals: How do Nurses Provide More Compassionate Nursing Care 12. Calling All Nursing Leaders: What are the traits of a good nursing leader? What leadership style is the best? 13. The Impact of Gender on Nursing. Is there Sexism in Nursing? 14. How Does Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Fit in our Changing Health Care? 15. Health Care Providers and Transgender Patients: “I do not understand! 16. The Ethics of Health Care and Nursing. 17. How Can Nursing Reduce Medical Errors? 18. Recruitment Strategies for Nursing: Is the cost worth it? 19. The Effect of Changing Demographics on Nursing. 20. Does the Multistate (Compact state) Licensure in Nursing Promote Job Placement? 21. Nurse Practitioners – Past, Present and Future Trends. 22. How will the Aging Patient Population Change the Way Health Care is Delivered in the Future? 23. What are the challenges for International Nurses’? 24. “Light, Camera, and Learn: How does Clinical Simulation Enhance Student Learning.?” 18

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