Research And Describe Fengshui Is Science Or Superstition? (Essay Sample)

this essay is argumentative essay(the whole structure is more like (intro+idea1+idea2+idea3+conclusion) and i put sample argumentative essay you can look, please write like that way. my position is feng shui is science and you should give reasons to support. i already give some website that you can cite from, so please take look my draft before you start !!!!please give no more than three reasons(i already give three ideas and you can use it) to support why feng shui is science rather than superstition. For every idea, you should explain it very very detailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, which will not confuse readers! Remember to provide background and definition of fengshui about this topic. conclusion must have own ideas! grammar and words need not to be complicated, but keep it right. please use more information in my draft! Thank you! Remember, give you own ideas and imitate the sample essay writing style!

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