Research ethics and practice in Aboriginal communities

Required Reading.

Putt, J. 2013.Conducting research with Indigenous people and communities.Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse.Brief 15. Available at:

Jamieson, L. et al. 2012. Ten principles relevant to health research among Indigenous Australian populations. Medical Journal of Australia. 197 (1): 16- 18.

Pyett, P.; Waples-Crowe, P. and van der Sterren, A. 2009.Engaging with Aboriginal communities in an urban context: some practical suggestions for public health researchers.Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 33 (1): 51-54.

Kowal, E.; Anderson, I. & Bailie, R. 2005.Moving beyond good intentions: Indigenous participation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research.Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 29 (5): 468-470.

How you apply this week’s readings to develop a guide to ethical research with Aboriginal people?

How can you make research findings more useful to Aboriginal people?

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