Research Paper On Divorce

The Topic I Chose Was : The divorce rate has increased in today’s society. This paper will explore divorce and uncoupling and the impact on the children and family. )

Individual research paper

Due: Apr 20, 2018 at 11:59 PM

2. Grading Rubric (Final Research Paper) copy.docx

APA Style- Citing articles.pdf


You are writing a research paper (5-7 pages, excluding title page) about your chosen

“hot topic” in Family Studies. This research paper should not include: a) personal experiences or opinions, b) information about methods or analysis strategies, and c) articles summarized without the benefit of integration.

Some guidelines:

Focus on three aspects/subtopics/themes of your research

[Example: If you picked the research topic of “Child abuse and neglect,” one aspect is the negative impact of child abuse on children’s development.]

Read all of your scholarly sources and integrate the findings from these sources. Don’t just take the information from the literature review of the

Outline and structure your paper. See the next page for the various components that must be evident in your

Pay attention to APA-style! This will be specifically graded for in your


Cover page (Page 1)

Must include your full name, title of your paper and university affiliation in the center

Must be formatted according to APA-style

Opening paragraph (Page 2)

The opening paragraph describes the importance and relevance of this

State the link between your topic and issues related to families or to the functioning and development of families.

Your topic statement should be included in the opening Body of the paper (Pages 2 – 6)

Theme 1

Themes are your subheadings (i.e., don’t label them as ‘Themes’)

Start each theme with a brief sentence about what you will be talking

Include the information from your scholarly sources that is relevant to the

Paraphrasing is a primary writing technique in an APA-style research paper

AVOID using direct quotes, if possible. Use of more than one direct quote per page will result in points’ deductions.

Repeat with Themes 2 and 3.

Theme 2

Theme 3

Concluding paragraph (Pages 5 or 6)

Restate the importance and relevance of your research topic

Provide a brief summary of your paper

Include 1-2 sentences on either a) how research on this topic may be improved (i.e., how else can we learn better about this particular topic), or b) what future research questions still need to be answered (i.e., what else do we not know about this topic).

References (Page 7)

Cite your scholarly sources, using APA-style

Formatting Throughout:

12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1”

You must use APA-style in your writing, including citations, headings and references. An excellent guide is provided here:

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