review a video

Please read everything carefully

Assignment overview

Review a video of a speech and write a letter/memo/email addressed to your instructor evaluating/assessing your performance.

Review your video three times, (1) as if you were the intended audience, then (2) without sound, and finally, (3) with sound only. The focus of your self-assessment focus should be your delivery skills (verbal and nonverbal skills). Answer the question, would you submit this video clip as part of a job application or would you post to a social networking site that future employers could view? Did you appear professional, establish credibility, appear confident, etc.?

The assignment is asking for three things so there should be at least three different paragraphs.

Instructions: A one-page self-assessment written as letter/memo/email on your video performance addressed to your instructor. Single-space; double-space between paragraphs, with one-inch margins, using a 12 point font. Remember only use “I” twice to start a sentence.

Make sure to follow proper format requirements for the letter, memo, or email format that you choose.

Here’s a video I thought would be good to evaluate

Pretent this is your own resume video and you’re critiquing your own video, so write the letter/memo/email from that point of view

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