Review the definitions of Ontology and Epistemology and have them nearby when doing this work (e.g., post-it note near you).

Step 2: On another piece of paper, write the word ‘Ontology’ at the top and below this heading, write two words: Truth and truth. Use this paper for step 5.
Step 3: Next, on a piece of paper, write the heading ‘Epistemology,’ and under this heading, make a list of every epistemological perspective you learned about in Nurs 801 as well as any others you have learned in other philosophy or research methods courses (e.g., empiricism, logical positivism, hermeneutics, critical social theory).
Keep this list nearby for step 6.
Step 4: Gather the articles you plan to use for your scholarly paper. There should be several more articles gathered for scholarly paper #2 than were used in scholarly paper #1.
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