Risk Management in Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Industry

Topic: Risk Management in Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Industry
Order Description
The written document must meet specific formal requirements:
– Include acknowledgements if appropriate
– Consist of the following parts as a minimum:
– An executive summary setting out the key question posed and the main structural parts of the thesis: issues, a summary of the propositions or hypothesis, the chosen methodology, results and recommendations
– An interest creating introduction to the chosen topic, its practical relevance and benefit to the company/companies in general
– A critical literature review leading to the propositions or hypotheses and the methodology chosen to address the issue
– The chosen methodology and method
– A presentation of the data collected
– A section with analysis and interpretation of the empirical insights
– An outline of recommendations
– A conclusion including an analysis of the benefits and limits of the proposed solutions, and an inventory of additional work to be undertaken
– A bibliography[1] listing the sources used in the literature review; the bibliography is located between the conclusion and the appendices
– References in the body of the text, referring[2] to the bibliography,
– A section listing the used literature, which has to be formatted in a specific, consistent way
– Obey the following presentation standards:
– Document should have page numbers
– Font size 12
– Line spacing of 1.5
– Maximum 50 pages
Special attention is paid to the detection of plagiarism, the presence of which automatically leads to a disciplinary committee meeting and is subject to severe penalties. Plagiarism refers to a situation in which a thesis author does not indicate properly, when and where other sources were used. It is therefore important to use references according to the following standards, which should be strictly obeyed:
[1] Bibliographic references will be presented as follows:
– Books: Desmet, P. and Zollinger, M. (1997), Pricing: from conceptual analysis to practical price setting, Paris, Economica
– Extract from a book: as for a book, with the page numbers in addition to the elements listed above
– Journals: Durand, R. and Vaara, E. (2012), How to connect strategy research with broader issues that matter?, Strategic Organization, 10, 3, 248-255. [10 represents the volume number, 3 the number of the periodical within the volume and 248-255 page numbers]
– Unpublished paper: Barroso, R. and Cacciatore, S. (2008), Increasing returns to adoption: a multilevel approach, Working paper IRM, no 0804/2008.
2 Within the text, reference quotes appear in brackets with the name and date of publication, for example: (Laurent, 1990). If there are more than three co-authors, the note et al. will be used after the name of the first author. If two references have the same author and the same year of publication, they shall be differentiated by letters, for example (Laurent, 1990a). These letters will also appear in the bibliography.

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