Role Play Interview And Documentation

Conduct a 20-minute informal interview with an adult family member, peer, or co-worker. In this interview, you will practice the introduction and opening phase of a clinical interview from the clinical interviewing text. This will not be video-recorded. Refrain from applying theory, advice giving, or treatment planning. In this written assignment, you are establishing a counselor-client relationship. Request that the individual introduce superficial issues related to career, education, relationships, or time management. Include the following in your report: •An overview of interview preparation to establish a therapeutic relationship (initial contact, demonstration of core conditions, ethical and cultural considerations, physical setting, and so on). •A summary of interviewer tasks and technical approaches for the introduction and opening phase. Incorporate the Clinical Interviewing text and at least one academic research article in this section. •Documentation of the clinical session applying the SOAP format. •A self-evaluation of the applied interviewer tasks and the use of nondirective interviewing during the introduction and opening phase

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