rp 6 assignment


In this Performance Assessment you will write a Research Paper which you will have chosen from a problem in your text.

You will begin by completing the Comprehensive Review Problem beginning on page 580 of the text. Make sure to include in your paper the results of the table on page 581.

After you complete the chart, present your work in a paper of 5 to 7 pages and address what the stakes are for each major player in the Problem: the hospital, the PHO, and the MSO. In other words, you are explaining why you scored each factor the way you did on the chart.

Cite your sources using correct American Psychological Association Style. For information on citations check these handouts from the APA Style tab on the library website.

Review the Research Paper Writing Content Rubric under the Content Map.

A sample paper is available on the Research and Writing website as well as the library website.
There is a tutorial that will give you an overview of the parts and formatting of an APA paper here.

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