Securing Health Care Information Systems

Give your opinion as to whether or not the new procedures that the hospital implemented efficiently resolve the issues in this case. Next, suggest an additional procedure that the hospital could utilize in order to secure patient privacy regarding medical condition and treatment plan. Justify your response.

Identify the key threats (e.g., internal, external, intentional, and unintentional, etc.) to the security of health care information. Select the single most significant threat, and suggest one (1) way to minimize the threat that you have chosen. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion.

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Write an essay of 1,000-1,250 words in three sections that examines the similarities and differences between the various health care delivery systems. Be sure to also include:

1. A definition or description of the various types of delivery systems.

2. The goals or philosophies of the various delivery systems.

3. Your own mission or philosophy statement. Explain your statement and why it was chosen.

Provide appropriate and scholarly sources for your paper. Remember that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source.

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