Seeing Culture: Vision, Visuality and The Senses

Topic: Seeing Culture: Vision, Visuality and The Senses
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Answer ONE question only:
What does it mean to ‘read the visual’? Using a photograph or single image, explore the relationship between seeing and being, using the notions of intertextuality and genre as they apply to visual phenomena. Include a copy of the image.
Analyse the commodity sign/s associated with a well-known brand or company: look either at their logo, an advertisement, or homepage. Examine the major signs, codes and myths that you can identify. In doing so, offer an understanding of commodity signs, their meanings and associated effects.
‘Seeing, and making sense of what we see, are neither simple nor natural’ (Shirato & Webb, 2004: 58). With reference to the film Alexandra’s Project, analyse the relationship between the visual and power, paying particular attention to the use of visual technologies and the treatment of bodies in the film.
How does the relationship between seeing and the other senses work? With reference to a text of your own choice, construct an argument for the ways in which visual technologies mediate sensory experience, and how the senses reflect prevailing values and norms.
Conduct an analysis of either disability or fatness using a well-known image, popular film or visual text. Identify the specific features of your example that evidence discourses of normalisation on the one hand, and issues of identity politics on the other.
a) Extent to which the essay is focused on the specific question selected
b) Structure: statement of aims in introduction, organisation of material (logical order and flow of discussion), conclusion
c) Clarity of argument, quality of analysis and fluency in cultural studies terms
d) Identification of appropriate themes and concepts from the set texts and further reading and their usefulness in the analysis of examples
e) Use of appropriate evidence to support claims
f) Adequate and appropriate citation of sources
g) Presentation: format, spelling, syntax, grammar and expression

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