This is reflection on a case that I have b seen during my rotation in mental health as medical student the reflections should be governed by the rules That has been mentioned in previous reflection (document will be attached) which was a summary for this article: Plack, M. M., & Greenberg, L. (2005). The reflective practitioner: reaching for excellence in practice. Paediatrics, 116(6), 1546-1552. (article is about how can we write a medical reflection.

THE CASE FOR REFLECTION: I encountered this case during my community placement in Norwest private practice, a 45 years old man who is a team leader of maintenance group in power station for 13 years. MR.M is a single man, his medical history is non significant, doesn’t have any history of mental health illness and no family history of mental illness.

In the last year, he started to feel down physically, and he thought that he has certain kind of infection that affecting his overall functions. He thinks that this infection is due to electromagnetic field due to working in the power station.

Mr M also believes that his infection transferred to the 3 girls he met in 3 different dates. His GP Dr F referred him to 7 different specialist in different fields of medicine and finally the last specialist referred him to psychiatrist at Norwest private practice who diagnosed him with somatic delusion. Mr M doesn’t have insight of his mental illness and he questioned the psychiatrist about his qualifications in electromagnetic field.
Mr M was about to resign from his job because of his believe. My reflection will be about how it is easy to misdiagnose somatic delusion specially if you didn’t listen carefully to patient complaint and this is what happened with DR F (patient’s GP) who felt guilty and called the psychiatrist twice to explain his situation.
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Criteria Week 9: Domestic Violence
Cover page is in complete APA format. Sources are cited throughout the body of the paper. Reference page is formatted correctly per APA format. Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and word usage. The entire paper shows detail to the topic, and the sentences flow well from one thought to the next.

A minimum of 3 appropriate references are used. Nursing journals, Periodicals, Medical journals, Nursing reference books, governmental web sites, etc. (No sites such as Wikipedia).
The topic is related to domestic violence identification, impact on society, healthcare, and the individual.
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