Short Essay Paper on Theories and Concepts

The evaluation of this assignment will be based on the strength of your analysis, synthesis, and argument. Graduate level writing and the quality of your sources will be evaluated. Each essay should be well-organized, clear, without bullet points or lengthy quotes. Do not include or copy the prompts in your responses. APA guidelines should be followed, including a short introduction and conclusion for each essay.

Answer each essay question in 2 pages for a total of 4 pages, not including references. You must use a minimum of 2scholarly references.


The film Unnatural Causes (in Unit 2 async) documents empirical evidence of racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health. Use Systems Theory to explain the concept of “excess death” and apply at least 4 main applicable concepts of Systems Theory to examples from the film. Based on your analysis, provide one example of how a systems theorist might try to address the social problem of excess death?

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